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World class HR & PAYROLL system that fits the needs of companies in Indonesia

SPISy is designed to support the strategic decision-making processes and all of the administrative functions associated with the employee life cycle.
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System Development

With our expertise in system development, consultancy, and skills of well-trained software experts, we can deliver a predictable high quality, secure and reliable solutions that you expect from your vendor. Realize low cost, high quality and reliable offshore software services.

ERP Package Development

A mix of our in-depth knowledge of the business processes and ERP systems in Indonesia, combined with broader experiences and sophisticated implementation method provided by our group company (NS Solutions Group), will give birth to a superb ERP implementation services suitable for domestic use.

Project Support

Provide highly qualified staff with high levels of technical expertise. When you need competent people to support your IT project or to maintain your company’s IT investment, we can provide appropriate IT professionals to work onsite at your office for the appropriate period of time.

IT Maintenance

Ensure satisfactory continuation and stable operation of company’s IT assets. Protect and ensure optimal and continual operation of your servers, PCs, network and entire Information Technology infrastructure and technical environment.