Improve your HR with SPISy
We are not just giving you tools, but we give SOLUTION

Provide all HR functions in one system

With SPISy, you can have an HR system with sophisticated functionality that is equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows your administrative team to work with efficiency and optimum.

Secure your HR Data

Sakura System understands that HRIS is important and highly confidential software because of payroll data, so security is the best part when we develop SPISy. SPISy was developed with an encrypted database to ensure safer payroll data until 256-bit, data access control settings for each user and an audit trail to track changes and user logins.

Easy Access with SPISy on Mobile

Mobility access is not become matter anymore because SPISy can give you the mobility even when you not in the office. Speed up the process up to 90% compare with manual work or conventional methods. Here is what you can do with SPISy on Mobile:

  • Access Personal Information
  • Time Attendance with Geo-tagging features
  • Approval function as a Manager
  • Apply/ Request for Leave, Medical, Loan, Business Trip etc.
  • And many more..


Flexible Workflow Approval

A good system can easily accommodate the needs of approvals and requires high flexibility, especially in the case of multilevel approval arrangements, delegation of approvals even if rapid changes are needed. In SPISy, we can accommodate all these needs and built-in integrated in one single HR system.

Interactive Dashboard

SPISy provides you the Interactive Dashboard to spoil your eyes with variance of chart (Bar Chart, Pie Chart etc) and information such as the Number of Employees, Employee Turn-Over, Employee Attendance, Employee Overtime and Reminder for Contract Employee. When utilized properly, Dashboards can be used to help you make informed decisions that dramatically impact business performance

Comprehensive Payroll and Tax (PPh21)

With SPISy, no more hassle things related with Payroll and Tax Regulation. You can change easily and create many flexible things such as: Employee Salary Component, Tax Income (PPh21) setup (support Nett, Gross and Mixed calculation), Social Security Policy (BPJS), Multiple Payment Cut-Off, Multi Bank Account, Multi Currency and many more. Just finish your payroll calculation in a minute!

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Time and Attendance

Maintaining time management is very painful and too administrative thing. Shift settings for each customer, shift settings for each location, roster management and special shifts such as Lebaran can be handled flexibly and can be used for payroll calculation. We can help to keep track your employee attendance better with GPS Attendance and easy to create connection with multiple type of biometric.

Create Report in easy way

In SPISy, you can create report easy and fast. With simply training from our team, you can extract any kind of data. No need search manually, in-accurate data problems or takes time to create report. Just leave the old way of making report, better report makes a better decision!

Employee Custom Field

Each company will have unique data or policy that need to be handle in the system, so SPISy provide you with flexible custom field, so User can added any kind of information to the employee data and also can be custom for payroll calculation, it’s very flexible yet it also powerful.

Simulation Function

This module was created to assist Director level in conducting simulations for all employees both related to bonus simulations, salary increase simulations, overtime simulations and retired simulations. In accordance with government regulations in Indonesia, every company needs to carry out its obligations in accordance with applicable laws and this module will be very useful.

HR Development Modules

As important as administrative and operational management, SPISy provides modules and functions to accommodate needs in People Development, including Performance Evaluation, Competency Assessment, Career Path and Employee Promotion. In fact, the actual process starts from the recruitment process in selecting potential candidates and conducting a one-year training calendar to develop the skills and abilities of potential employees.

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