Improve your HR with SPISy10
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Provide all HR functions in one system

With our expertise in system development, consultancy, and skills of well-trained software experts. We can deliver a predictable high quality, secure and reliable solutions that you expect from your vendor. Realize low cost, high quality and reliable offshore software services. You can have an HR system with sophisticated functionality that is equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows your administrative team to work with efficiency and optimum.

SPISy10 Modules


  • Organization Information
  • Personal Information
  • (Security) Data Access Control
  • Audit Trail


  • Time Management
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Leave Administration
  • Loan Administration
  • Back Pay Administration
  • Medical Administration
  • Retirement Administration
  • Business Trip Administration
  • Audit Trail


  • Performance Evaluation
  • Competency Management
  • Recruitment
  • Training Administration
  • Promotion
  • Career Path


  • Payroll compare Simulation
  • Salary Increase Simulation
  • Bonus Simulation
  • Overtime Simulation
  • Training Administration
  • Retirement Simulation

SPISy HR Self Service (HRSS)

  • Personal Information
  • Career, Overtime, & Leave Request
  • Salary Approval
  • Medical Administration
  • Business Trip
  • Performance Evaluation Request
  • Training Request
  • Recruitment Request
  • SPISy Mobile

  • Mobile Core
  • Personal Information
  • Career, Overtime, & Leave Request
  • Salary Slip
  • Medical Claim
  • Business Trip
  • Attendance Correction
  • Geolocation Attendance
  • SPISy Strenghtness Points


    Provide access control management for each user, track all changes and information in one system, also ensure all employee contract document are safe.


    Integrated with all attendance machine efficiently, processing payroll related including Tax & BPJS, validate payroll data before payment to ensure that all employees are paid correctly.


    Easy setup and parameterized, provide comprehensive search and reporting system, enhancement function semester and can be integrated with 3rd party application (SAP, AX, etc).

    Organization Information

    Leverage flexibility in maintaining multiple company & branch. Make SPISy HRIS to be main supporting tools to create relationship, reporting and organization structure.

    • Set-up and Displays Organization Structure, Lists Member.
    • Multi level (unlimited) Organization Structure.
    • Comprehensive Tree-viewed Organization Structure.
    • Process for any change of job and organization.
    • Lists Employee's Job & Position History.
    • Setting the effective date.

    Personal Information

    Secure employee database in SPISy HRIS with record and update any employee information start from personal data to work history in your organization. Tracking employee records has never been easier.

    • Record employee data includes personal data, employee position, etc.
    • Work history data covering position, salary, reward, punishment, etc.
    • The system recognize change of employee ID for the same person, avoid repeated data.
    • Remaining days alert of employee’s contract termination and retirement.

    Time Management

    Maintaining time management is very painful and too administrative thing. Shift settings for each customer, shift settings for each location, roster management and special shifts such as Lebaran can be handled flexibly and can be used for payroll calculation. We can help to keep track your employee attendance better with GPS Attendance and easy to create connection with multiple type of biometric.

    • Easy to manage complex shift patterns and rotating shift plans.
    • Working schedule per employee or group shift.
    • Monitoring and record employee movement in daily activities from one branch offices to another.
    • Real time connected with attendance recorder machine.
    • Sudden change for scheduled work shift is made possible.
    • Unlimited work periods.

    Payroll Calculation

    With SPISy, no more hassle things related with Payroll and Tax Regulation. You can change easily and create many flexible things such as: Employee Salary Component, Tax Income (PPh21) setup (support Nett, Gross and Mixed calculation), Social Security Policy (BPJS), Multiple Payment Cut-Off, Multi Bank Account, Multi Currency and many more. Just finish your payroll calculation in a minute!

    • Flexible setting for Benefit and Deduction according to Client’s requirement.
    • Taxable or nontaxable options for each allowance category.
    • Options of tax calculation method: gross-up, net, gross or mixed.
    • Generate Annual Tax Report (SPT) for each employee.
    • Multi Currency, Multi Bank Payment.
    • Payroll reconciliation.
    • BPJS Company Registration.

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    Leave Management

    Leave management is the process of managing time-off requests such as holidays, sick leave, vacation, emergencies, and parental leave through a series of policies, guidelines, and rules that are specific to your business.

    • Unlimited number of leave types.
    • Leave transactions based on user defined criteria.
    • Record transactions for the various types of leave and leave accrued.
    • Calculate leave compensation.
    • Identify employees who have excess of leave balance.
    • Define max of balance to be carried over.

    Medical Management

    Record and tracking employee medical history. Reimbursement includes for in-patient and out-patient treatment. Reimbursement can be adjusted according to your company needs.

    • Unlimited user-defined of medical types.
    • Easy to configure company’s regulation of medical.
    • Keep a medical record and record of claims of each employee.
    • Keep record of the adjustments made to individual employee’s medical entitlements.
    • Update employee’s payroll information to facilitate correct payroll calculation.

    Travel Administration

    Simplify your work to manage and capture all of administration related to employee business trip in order to increase productivity in the company.

    • Multi destination in one trip.
    • Configurable business trip allowance and GA-related item based on company’s regulation.
    • Multi-currency allowance.
    • Business trip settlement.
    • Supporting documents can be uploaded and kept by system.

    Retirement Administration

    Avoid mistake to calculate employee retirement compensation with SPISy. Support with government regulation and adjust based on your company policy.

    • Support Pension, Severance and other retirement pay.
    • According to government Tax Retirement PPH 21 Final.
    • Flexible formula based on client retirement regulation or based on Government Regulation.
    • Dynamic Retirement Period.
    • Easy to check result & report.

    Performance Evaluation

    Feel the experience of evaluating employee performance in your company systematically and accurately.

    • Setting group performance, item detail each group ratings, and items based on job title, level, section, etc.
    • Completion of the assessment results by the assessor 1, assessor 2, assessor 3 and committee.
    • Showing gap between the target values and actual results.
    • System can recommend the training should be taken based on result.
    • Assessment results can be linked to Bonus Simulation and Promotion.

    Competency Management

    Easily manage all competencies based on your company needs. SPISy ability to define competency/qualification catalogue, and include information of Competency grouping and Competency specifications.

    • Ability to define profiles on objects (position and job level).
    • Ability to do Competency Gap Analysis.
    • Strengths & Weaknesses, in the form of competencies.
    • Integrated with related Performance Appraisal module.

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    Recruitment Management

    Execute recuitment plan with SPISy HRIS

    • Setup man power plan
    • Recruitment request from each department or section.
    • Management of vacancies and applicants data (candidate data) for the recruitment process.
    • A track of each application is kept on the whole recruitment process (i.e. written examination, interview and medical examination) until the acceptance or rejection of the applicant.

    Career Path

    Organize and created career path plan for each employee based on real time data.

    • Set organizations career path.
    • Show organizations career path matrix.
    • System allows user to analyze competency gap.
    • Generate and maintain employee career plan.

    SPISy HR Self Services

    A good system can easily accommodate the needs of approvals and requires high flexibility, especially in the case of multilevel approval arrangements, delegation of approvals even if rapid changes are needed. In SPISy, we can accommodate all these needs and built-in integrated in one single HR system.

    • Flexible Workflow Approval.
    • Approval Setting, Personalized approval formula for each request type, date limitation, and administrator e-mail.
    • Career, Overtime, and Leave Request.
    • Request employee career change and Plan employee’s career in organization.
    • Plan and submit you or subordinate business trips.
    • Appraise self-performance and subordinate performance & Real-time appraisals.
    • Request internal need of recruitment.
    • Ask for training request and propose new training.

    SPISy Mobile Application

    Mobility access is not become matter anymore because SPISy can give you the mobility even when you not in the office. Speed up the process up to 90% compare with manual work or conventional methods. Here is what you can do with SPISy on Mobile.

    • Access Personal Information.
    • Time Attendance with Geo-tagging features.
    • Approval function as a Manager.
    • Apply/ Request for Leave, Medical, Loan, Business Trip etc.
    • Medical claim in your mobile phone.

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