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World class HR & PAYROLL system that fits the needs of companies in Indonesia

System Development

A predictable high quality, secure and reliable solutions

IT Support

Protect and ensure your entire IT infrastructure and technical environment

About Sakura System

SAKURA SYSTEM offers Companies in Indonesia reliable, high-quality services in the area of Information Technology. Service to our customers will be emphasized throughout our operations. High degree of reliability and availability coupled with quick services will be implemented to gain early and continuing customer acceptance and satisfaction. Our marketing strategy is just simple: The satisfied clients are our best marketing tools. Most of our clients will be referrals from existing clients.


    25 Apr 2019

Sakura is holding HR & IT seminar at Surabaya. See deail.

    1 Mar 2019

Sakura is holding HR & IT seminar at Cikarang. See deail.

    26 Feb 2019

Sakura is holding HR & IT seminar at Jakarta. See deail.

    21 Apr 2017

Sakura is holding IT seminar for HR issues. See deail.


SAKURA SYSTEM offers expertise in Software and Web Development, Database and Network Management, IT Professonal Despatchment, Software Maintenance, and Software Training, sold and packaged in various ways that allow clients to choose products or services that meet their needs.